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Entry #1

200+ drawings in 12 hours

2016-03-31 23:15:31 by Shinyjew

Man my wrist is fucked. 


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2016-04-01 00:05:36

Why? For what purpose

Shinyjew responds:

an animation im working on, trying to see what level of productivity falls just short of carpal tunnel lol


2016-04-01 17:43:10

Oooh that makes much more sense! I was going to say you could draw something so much better if you spend 12 hours drawing ONE thing.

Shinyjew responds:

oh yeah putting the same amount of energy into one drawing would be intensely awesomeness
but yeah in animation, the less detail you need the better. look at how fast carbot pumps shit out.


2016-04-02 00:52:07

Remember though friend, quality over quantity

Shinyjew responds:

true dat, but carbot has quality, he has such a well defined yet reductionist style that also communicates a certain depth of emotion and visual pleasantry.